CGI MES Product Survey

MES Product Survey

September 2016, we published our global annual MES Product Survey for the 17th year in a row. In it, we cover 74 manufacturing execution systems (MES). The survey will help you to select and implement the right MES product for your organization.

For the past seventeen years, our MES experts have compiled and published an annual MES Product Survey providing detailed product overviews and insight into MES trends. Two of these experts are Gerard Ipskamp and Jan Snoeij, who offer us some background information on these trends and on the making of this year’s MES Survey: ‘First off, we still see a growing interest in the Survey from the suppliers themselves. We know and invite about 80% of the MES products available to the western market (Europe and North America). About 50% already participate, but every year we receive more new applications to take part, as suppliers understand the value of this report. By completing the questionnaire, they are forced to think about their products, their USPs and how to better meet their clients’ wishes. Plus, they can learn from the input of other suppliers.’

Support strategic goals

‘Secondly, from a client’s point of view, potential MES buyers feel the pressure from their customers on one hand, and from stringent rules and regulations on the other. Not only does the manufacturing industry need to deliver a good product, but it also has to prove it meets the required quality criteria. So, if you’re measuring these already, then why not use them to your own advantage? Managers can use an MES to contribute to their strategic aims. It helps them achieve operational excellence whilst simultaneously improving their competitive position. However, these days, there are more technologies and solutions to choose from than ever before. MES buyers stand a better chance of finding the perfect solution, but at the same face a greater challenge in finding it. With our annual MES Survey, we supply our clients and business partners with clear product overviews and insights into market developments. We hope this survey helps you shortlist and choose potential solutions from among a multitude of suppliers.’

MES Product Survey 2016

You can order a printable PDF version of this report via the CGI website or via the website of MESA International.

Download a flyer here.